Reptile Bedding

Natural, Coconut Reptile Bedding

FINE Grade 21 Quarts / 20 Liters / COARSE Grade 21 Quarts / 20 Liters

  • Super absorbent bedding/substrate with
    unbeatable odor elimination
  • All natural and pet safe; no oils,
    fragrances, chemicals, or anything
  • Made of 100% organic and biodegradable
    coconut husk fiber (coir)
  • Recyclable in garden, compost bin or
    green waste bin
  • Naturalistic look for pet enclosures and
  • Ideal for humid and arid environments

Excellent for use with all reptiles, tortoises, ball pythons, lizards, terrestrial snakes, arboreal snakes and bird enclosure floor bedding.

All Natural Coconut Husk Fiber Reptile Bedding is super absorbent with amazing, unbeatable odor elimination. Made of coconut husk (coir), a 100 percent organic, renewable and sustainable resource, Critters Comfort Reptile Bedding contains no oils, fragrances, chemicals, or anything harmful. It is pet safe and has a soft, earth-like texture that pets instinctively prefer. Used Critters Comfort Reptile Bedding (with reptile solids removed) is a valuable resource with the properties of a peat moss and serves as an excellent soil conditioner, compost additive, or may be placed in the green waste bin for municipal recycling; the presence of small animal and bird droppings creates an organic fertilizer!

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